Nathan -- The Update

Okay, it's not really really an update about Nathan. Well, it's a bit of an update. He's 15 months old, officially, and he can walk! I realized the other day that I wasn't posting here, and Paul asked me to post something.

I should really be using this space more to post about what he does and to show you all photos of him at his cutest. I've been trying to get back into the habit of photographing and videotaping him, because I know one day I'll want to remember the days when he easily falls asleep in his car seat after a big party, or when he can barely stand up on his own.

So, I'm really just writing here to say I'll be trying to write here more often. If nothing else, I want to post pictures of our vacation in Ocean City, Maryland from July!

Cute Nathan moment of the day: When Nathan, my mom, and I went to the Shins' apartment, Nathan did not want to talk to them. He kept hiding his face in my neck, or against my chest, or against my legs. He didn't even want my mom to hold him, constantly trying to shove into my arms when she took him away. I held him until he calmed down, and which point, he was all about playing with their tennis ball and smiling at everyone.

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