Guess who just won If I can ever get the nameservers to update (propagate, BASTARDS), I expect that this blog's URL will change, and I'll feel up to working on my book review blog. If not, well, at least you can reach me at my new domain email addresses.

I wouldn't normally post this short an entry, but I won! Also, I finished a sock. Wowsers. That is what knitting is like? I forgot!


Helen said...

Congratulations! What a great domain name!

Ms. Knitpicky said...

Heh, congratulations!

Where does one find auctions for these domain names?

Kitten said...

Hey, Wit, I've been stalking for ages, so I knew it was coming up for deletion. When it entered its pending deletion stage, I went to and backordered through them.

Then, when the domain was actually deleted, they snapped it up, and I was entered into an auction for it. Luckily, my only other bidder was halvarez, a bot of sorts who bids on ALL snapnames domains, but only really tries on the ones he cares about. ninjakittens are awesome, but not his speed.

But, pool does the same thing as snapnames if you want to use them instead. Either way, expect to spend at LEAST $60 for a domain you want, even if you are the only bidder.

I do NOT recommend trying to grab an expired domain on your own. These professional domain snatcher services have servers to throw at this crap, so if it is even a half decent domain, they'll snap it while you try to register it as well.

Silvercharmster said...


Sophy said...

hey that's awesome! ;D