Fifteenth Month Doctor's Appointment

Shoe Malfunction

Fifteen month old baby coming at you! Do you like looking at him sliding and losing his sandal (which no longer fits him) because he unvelcro-ed them from his "tiny wide feet"? The "tiny wide" thing is from the Stride Rite people we saw today when we got him measured for his new sneakers. Them shoes cost money, it's true, but they were helpful, sweet, and honest. When we were looking at the shoes, the person helping us told us not to take some of them because they weren't up to snuff.

We went to Nathan's fifteenth month doctor's appointment today with Dr. Chin. I still love her, but she's going on her maternity leave so she won't be around for his eighteenth month appointment. I resisted the impulse to tell her she didn't look like she was eight months pregnant, and she didn't, because I remembered everyone telling me that all the time.

Nathan decided on this visit that he hated the doctor's office, he hated being locked into the room while I stripped him, he hated the nurse, and he hated the doctor. He decided to tell each of these things and people and events how he felt by howling and crying. After his visit with the doctor, the nurse came back to give his vaccinations to him. I mentioned to her that he had cried during his visit with the doctor, and she laughed, and said, "We heard." I flushed red, I'm sure.

Nathan is still sitting at 50% for height and weight, but he fell to about 80% height. I am not sure how accurate the height or weight measurement were considering Nathan was howling the whole time and clinging to me. He's doing fine for walking (ie, he is walking unassisted at this point) and for feeding himself, but he's on the low end of normal on his speech. He doesn't like to talk to us in real words, and he uses Mommomomomomomo and Daddadadadad more as babbles than as a way to get our attention. He does say "go" an awful lot, and he's started to say "wow" after I say it when he's done something with his toys that is neat. Like, if he sorts his toys correctly, I say "wow" and then he says "wow". Or if he puts his stacking rings in the right order, we repeat this wow process.

Two updates in two days, folks, try not to get used to it. I think I'm just posting here to avoid my knitting/sewing blog.

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