A Different Version Of Myself

Do I know you?  Do we hang?  If so, you're already aware, most likely, that I'm kicking it in NH with my family.  We're only there for several months, but, it's bye-bye Philly suburbs.  The weird, the true, and the good follows:

  • At home, popular news items: murder, corruption, death, disease!  Here?  Whale crosses harbor!  People catch burglar!  No one hurt in propane leak!  Olympic champion visits home!  This is a really small town we live in and it seems pretty darned peaceful and it is surrounded by similarly small towns or even smaller towns.
  • I'm ten minutes from Maine.
  • I'm ten minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.
  • I saw a humpback whale.  That was cool.
  • I joined a knitting group and I might have inadvertently offended a male knitter by telling him that I was afraid of steeking.
  • N took nearly four years to get a birthday invite from a friend in Philly areas.  In NH?  Four days. 
  • I'm knitting again and spending more time with P due to the lack of a computer desk.  Thinking maybe I should get rid of the one at home or convert it to homework use for N in the future.
  • We have two bathrooms.  Celebrate!
  • I got another shout out from a random stranger.  Right Side, Wrong Side, you made my day.
  • I'm panicking over rumors that Feedburner might just stop working.  What to do with my RSS feed then?  I should switch over to Twitter anyway.
Okay, I'm out.  I just wanted to remind you all that I'm alive and kicking.  Also, my children?  Still adorable.  N2 is trying her best to scoot but failing and her table of solid food per day is making her stink.  Wow.  So much stinking.  


Unknown said...

Glad to hear things are going well! Enjoy the change of scenery. It's one of the things I love about moving as much as I do (those little observable differences).

You'll have to post pictures of what you're knitting! said...

Sounds wonderful! I had to stop watching the news when I was pregnant becuse of the insane amount of sobbing it caused.

I am having trouble with your email link on the bolg. And it's completely my fault. something to due with my Mac communicating with Firefox when I'm onn Safari.

I do want to know all about baby bargins! please email me at

vahnee said...

Ha-ha - One day I'm going to do some crazy steeking, just like one day, I'm going to try jumping out of a plane. :-)