Songs of Love

Baby Grand

The child that only six or seven months ago was barely stringing together a word or two and was still signing the words 'more' and 'please' is now the child that gabs and gabs and gabs at me.

While he's still fairly unintelligible to most people, I'm able to decipher his attempts at conversation with increasing regularity. From these conversations, it's becoming obvious that he realizes time exists and that tomorrow can be filled with fun things to do, as can "Sunday". He's letting me know he can count now and that he likes to count. His tenuous grasp of colors is still not impressive, but since we're not taking the time to point out colors more to him, he's trying harder to figure out which colors are which.

My absolute favorite part of this new talkativeness, though, is his singing. The first few times he'd try to sing, it would be what you expect: the Alphabet Song, Jingle Bells, or Happy Birthday To You (and Beverly Hills by Weezer). However, as he realized we liked his singing, he branched out to other harder Christmas carols such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas. Then came the Beatles tune Hello Goodbye! When he first started chanting that to himself, the husband and I looked at each other to confirm that we were hearing.

Rapidly, then, he began to take other songs he knew and add his own lyrics. He often changes the Farmer In The Dell to use new words, and just today he changed both The Wheels On The Bus and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. It's fascinating because I had no idea children who were this young could be that creative. I love to know what is going through his mind too, and it gives me a glimpse of what he's thinking.

I can't wait to have further conversations with this child!

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