What Do I Want To Do

As you know, I'm already working on a pair of socks and a blanket (both super slowly right now due to my latest obsession), but I'm planning ahead too! I want to knit other things, so here's the first of my hopeful queue.

1. Monkey Socks

I'd like to make these for my mother-in-law out of the pumpkin colored Gloss sock yarn I have.

2. Auto Vest

For my darling Nathaniel.

I'll add to this later, but isn't that vest the most darling thing ever?


Helen said...

Knitalong! I could take a break from the cardi that I will clearly never finish to see if I can manage to knit one sock in the time it takes you to knit two. :)

Silvercharmster said...

I've done the monkey socks! They actually go pretty quickly, and turn out really cute & comfy!

mermaids said...

love the socks.

Halleck George Richardson Jr. - Convicted Batterer said...

Thank you for shaaring this