So Very Here

Mowing Dance

Writing for a blog is hard. Let's go mowing. I might as well have said that a month or two ago. A lot of my personal life seemed to be falling apart and every thing I wanted to write sounded like I was super depressed or complaining. There were some medical problems in my honey's family, and then my computer blew up in my face, and then Paul's poor phone died leaving us to move phone companies.

When I finally got a new computer, it turned out that my old old version of Photoshop was doomed and could not be used for my Flickring purposes. After all that, we had a vacation which we sorely needed. Upon returning, I received an early birthday present. Photoshop CS5.

I think it might be time to return to blogging about N and my family and my crafts and my reading. Let's see if my new blog URL allows my old blog URL's feed to update in Reader. If so, it might be a good day to start again.

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