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So, it is no surprise that I love to read textile blogs, right? I'm obsessed with listening, reading, doing... so long as it is related to textile crafts. Anyway, one of the blogs I read is Sew, Mama, Sew. Every Christmas, they do a gigantic giveaway contest in which they give away stuff to bloggers who do a giveaway on a certain day. This year, they decided to do a mid-year giveaway! They must have links to at least a few hundred giveaways, including finished goods and materials to make things! Go check them out, or at least browse. I've already added five new blogs to my feedreader.

I don't sign up for every giveaway, but those where I like the crafter's blogging and the thing being given away.

Hopefully, I'll have pictures of my finished boxers soon. I have everything done besides the leg hems.

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~Michelle~ said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my giveaway. You asked about the Heather Ross fabric - the line with the mermaids is called Mendocino, and you can still find it on Etsy, just do a search. One of my favorite shops, still has some in stock. HR won't be designing fabric for a while, she has a noncompete agreement with her former company not to design, so we will have to snatch up what we can now, and wait until she can get back in the game again!