Darling, Eleven Months

Nathan, you're eleven months old. I can't help but feel that this is definitely a betrayal on your part. Somehow, when I first held you, 11 months or so ago, in my arms, I felt you would be that small and that helpless forever. I imagined snuggling with you and I couldn't imagine a different life. You still love a good snuggle when you're tired, and when you're upset, and when you just haven't seen me in a few minutes, but sometimes you're trying to dive out of my arms. Sometimes you're attempting to dive into another person's arms, such as Daddy's or Grandma's, but other times, you just want down. You want to stand. You want to explore. You want to tear our house apart, while riding your little horsie through it.


By the way, I never showed you the awesome tiny little teeth you have! They are a bit bigger now, and very sharp, and very good for chewing into things like cookies. They hate raspberries and peaches though, which is the saddest thing ever.

Two Bottom Teeth

You've been kind of cranky recently, which is making me sad. I'm always afraid that you're bored of me or that you want me to be more energetic. I try to be as energetic as possible, and you still appear less than thrilled. Then, other times, you're as happy as can be to spend time with me.

Butt Skootch

You definitely love other children. You want them all to be your best friend. While that is admirable, you might need to dial down your enthusiasm. It's kind of scaring off the potential playmates.

Andrew Calls For Help

You're still not walking, but I keep thinking it is really going to be soon. You love to walk around with help or play Ring Around the Rosie. You get so enthusiastic, in fact, that you fall down while I say "We all..." and then, I join you half a second later on, "fall down." and we both clap wildly. You've also realized that you can get from one area to another if you hold on to Mommy or another solid object and cling as you slowly shuffle your feet.

Oh! We got you a swinging and playing with other playground toys for the first time this month. You loved swinging. You just sat there and enjoyed it and occasionally, you'd smile, but mostly you were thoughtful. You didn't really enjoy the slide when you rode down it on my lap, but I'm sure that'll change one day.

Swing Swing Swing

Pajamas On The Loose

By the way, honey? That last picture? I sewed those clothes for you. Do you see me making anyone else clothes? No! I make them for you because I love you. And you look adorable in them.

Darn, looking through my photos of the last month, I keep seeing things I forgot we experienced. Like your first Easter! You spent most of that day getting passed from person to person, exploring things such as the Easter basket your grandmom brought to you.


We got a great family photo on that day.

Family Photo

I love you, Nathan. Try not to grow up too fast. I'm going to be sad when you can fill out this shirt you're wearing.

Daddy's Shirt

So big!


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