Months Seven, Eight, and Nine

Damn, Nathan, I'm so embarrassed. One day, you're going to read this, and you're going to ask me why I was so busy that I couldn't post for months seven, eight, and nine separately, and I'll answer, "I was reading blogs." You'll make this face at me.

Why, Mommy?

I won't have any defense EITHER! I'll just have to face up to that horribly sad face. We experienced Christmas, and I didn't say anything to you on this blog. Look at how cute you were!

Nathan at Christmas

There are baby kittens WEEPING out there because they know they'll never be as cute as you. Christmas was great. My mom got you a boatload of presents. We, and everyone else, got you another boatload. You had two boatloads, which I opened for you. Some of your presents were so big, you couldn't even see over them.


You had your first major snow, which was terrific. You didn't really enjoy it, to tell you the truth. Hopefully next year will be more exciting for you, and you won't cry in the snow.

DADDY!  Pick Me Up!

I'm sad to say that you are still toothless and you still don't crawl. I'm wondering if I did something wrong, to tell you the truth. I put you on your stomach, and you are uninterested in crawling. I guess if someone would pick me up and carry me all the time, I'd be uninterested too. Also, you have your walker which is much more interesting to you since you can chase after me and Daddy and Grandmom when you're in it.


You've finally figured out how to drink from a sippy cup.


You still prefer a bottle or someone else's 'real' cup. You like to eat solid food too. Our solid food. Solid food belonging to Mommy and Daddy. For instance, when Mommy has a nice bowl of soup, you like to "EH EH EH" at me until I give you your fair share. You consider your fair share the whole bowl.

You're making a lot of noises nowadays. You like to play with me and we say "DADADADADA" to each other a lot and then screech at each other. I think you're going to say Daddy for reals first. I can't blame you. Look at you two! You're twins!

The Exception Outfit Snuggles

What are we doing in our days? Well, we're not going to an endless series of classes like some babies. I wish I were that ambitious, but that might interrupt your naps. You love your naps.

Sleepy Time

You are not happy unless you, and I, and the cats, are all napping. When that occurs, you are the happiest baby ever. You giggle while I tickle you to sleep and make kissing noises and move my head back and forth like you. When you wake up, we roll over and go see Baby in the Mirror.

I promise to post more often, my darling. I want to blog more anyway. Helen has invigorated my blogging mojo with her crazy blog that is updated near hourly. Now, sometimes I'm sitting around and I have a thought, and I want to blog it. Why don't I? Because this was the all Baby blog. All about Nathan. But my life is a lot about Nathan so this blog can be about my life. That way, one day, when you wonder what I was doing instead of posting updates on you, I can say I was not reading blogs, but writing blog entries.

Can you do me a favor too, honey? Try crawling! Let's close this blog entry on a positive note between us. Look how cute you were these last few months!


No!  He Tries to Eat It!

Fruits Basket!

You are some cute baby. Keep giving us the cutes, Nathan. I love it!

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