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Diane, thank you for the congrats! I sometimes forget I used to blog about knitting even though I still knit things. I want to knit my future baby one of the rabbit hats from Stitch'N'Bitch so badly. If you read this again, have you made many things or are you still in a mostly recovering state?

Okay, another thing to discuss about this upcoming baby (and I hope this doesn't become a baby blog), names. Wow, I thought naming my kittens was a lot of pressure. In fact, Jade, my sweetest kitten, went through about five name changes in the first month of her stay at our house. This is nothing to the pressure of naming a child. Here are the horrors of naming children:

1. It has to be a name you like.
2. It can't sound bad with the child's last name.
3. It can't be easily turned into an insult by other children.
4. All nickname variations should be liked as well.
5. You and your spouse have to agree on it.
6. You have to hear everyone else's suggestions even if you don't ask for them.
7. You have to hear everyone else's opinions on your choices even if you don't for them.
8. You have to try not to insult any family members who expect their name to be the one used.
9. It probably shouldn't be the same name as any other children your friends have.
10. It is distracting if you pick a name your friends have.

Frankly, it's all horrible. Paul and I found several girls' names we like, but we can't agree on which we like best. My favorite is not his favorite, though we've come up with a name now that we both like. The only problem? My mom's Korean tongue would kill that girl's name every which way from here until eternity.

On the subject of boys' names, we're even worse off. Generally, if I like a boy's name, it's already taken by people I know (Joshua, Andrew), it's taken by a friend (Stephen), or it has a nickname that I hate with all my being (Gabriel, shortened to Gabe). The names that I like that don't have problems, Paul hates (Tristan) or are so popular as to be in the top ten for names for the year (Logan). This child is going to end up being Paul Junior when I become desperate for a name, any name, at the last moment.

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Diane said...

Knitting before I had the baby was fun. For the first five months of my pregnancy I had no creative juices. Then I went into a knitting frenzy. I am still knitting baby stuff, because it is fun and cute. I love the bunny hat from SnB! Finding time to knit is tough, but I go to a weekly group for knitting. It helps with knitting, venting, and bonding with others who happen to also be mothers.
We didn't tell anyone Andrew's name until after he was born. I was not in the mood to hear other people's opinions and decided that once he was named, they couldn't complain. Good luck!!