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Ocean's Thirteen

First, let me say that I'm happy that I'm doing this review. I feel like all my reviews are negative, though I know they're not. I don't have unreasonable standards. I just do not unabashedly love everything. My husband often indicates I'm a downer on things, and I don't want people to believe that I hate a lot. I'm just oddly and strongly opinionated about my entertainment. I would like it to be good across the board.

Speaking of good entertainment, when I first saw the new Ocean's Eleven, I was genuinely surprised by how much I liked it. I was expecting so little and I received so much in return. This created my huge personal expectations for Ocean's Twelve, which failed me. So, for the third movie, called Ocean's Thirteen, I had mid-range expectations which were met and perhaps exceeded.

The actors did a fine job with their acting. Did I get the feeling that they were all professionals who make a lot of money and can be friendly with one another? Yes. Perhaps this is not so much a stretch from the truth, even. Did I find the schemes clever? Yes, though not so much as I found the schemes in the first one. Was the film gorgeously shot and stylish? Yes, even more so than the other two combined. All in all, I was happy to see it even if I don't think I'll be buying it for myself on DVD.

I did not get anything deep or meaningful out of this movie, but I wasn't expecting anything deep and meaningful. I did get sparkling dialogue and a gorgeous set and terrific camera work. That's enough for me. Go check it out. I won't say you'll love it, but you probably won't be disappointed.

As an aside, these movies (and Meet Joe Black) have been the only movies I've ever found to make Brad Pitt attractive to me. I'm all about stylish characters.

My rating: 7/10
Rotten Tomatoes rating: 70%

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Paul -- "That was good! I loved the look of the film."

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