Happy Mother's Day

Family Kite Outing

I turned to P last night, and said, "I have the perfect plan to make someone disappear forever."

He didn't roll his eyes at me, which is nice, and he inquired as to my plans, which is also nice.  Sometimes he ignores me when I'm crazy.  "What is your plan?"

"I'm going to tell my mom that the person said that N and N2 were definitely not the cutest babies on Earth.  Then that person will 'mysteriously' disappear."

Grandma Gets Some Baby Girl 

P nodded and added, "But we'll know the truth."

My Favorite Picture Of My Mom and Nathan

"You know what she told me today?"

A shake of his head, and I answered, "She said that my babies were perfect and gorgeous looking, just like I was as a baby.  I wonder if she accosts random strangers with photos of them and demands that they declare N and N2 the best.  I bet she does.  I bet she browbeats them into agreeing."

My Mom and Nathan

I added, "She's right though.  My babies are the most gorgeous creatures on Earth."  

Happy Mother's Day.

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Angie said...

I know my mom definitely does do pictures of the girls to anyone that will stop to talk to her. And my sister. If anyone makes fun of her making a big deal, she says "whatever, you're just jealous!"

Gotta love those grandmas huh?

Happy Mother's Day Kitten!!