Hey, I Went Away

Having finally processed the gigantic lump of photos of Christmas, I finally feel like taking photos once again and sharing my life with the rest of the world. I'm still processing photos from January, but at least they were taken in 2011, you know? My prize Christmas photo?

Such A Great Smile

I'm still hesitant about blogging, to tell you the truth. I always read advice columns where the columnist is all, "You are going to regret sharing your life on a blog or Facebook and if you don't, your child totally will, and if they don't, then your spouse will, and if your spouse doesn't, all your friends are ashamed of you. And child molesters know what your children look like. Jerkface!" Then, I wonder if I'm secretly ruining my son's life by blogging. Then I wonder if I should obfuscate his name on the internet as if he didn't exist. Then I wonder why I can't just share my thoughts and feelings with you like I want to. Then I think, "Life is hard. Let's go shopping."

Anyway, what I mean to say is, I'm also considering combining my craft blog with my 'life' blog since I spend so much time crafting even though I don't blog about it. Also, if I had one less blog, maybe I'd have more posts? What do you think? Nay/yea? Other crafters successfully do it as do some mom bloggers.

Lastly in this mostly rambling blog post, I've started to run. I'm going to admit it here so that I feel some need to update you all and thus shame myself if I don't continue to run. I saw my back view at Target today and I was not impressed. Though I do remain impressed with Target's Converse line. So cute.

Look, it's all I can do not to just randomly type haikus here. I'm sorry if you find this blog post nonsensical, but let's just go with it and see where it leads.

Should I take down that photo of my son above? Is it ruining his life?


Unknown said...

I think it would be in your best interest to stop reading articles/sources that say you are ruining your son's life (and everything else mentioned)and making you anxious about it. ;)

Share what you're comfortable with. I'm sorry that a bunch of fear mongering has gotten to you and made you question something you enjoy. I absolutely avoid anything that preys on my sense of fear and anxiety to try and make me behave in a way the creator deems fit. My life, my way.

And FWIW, I have never seen you over share. I can not imagine how anything you've written could be seen as life ruining by a much older child. Seriously, cute pictures of shirts you made him? A picture with a cherished toy? A picture of being a bit upset? Pfft, nothing at all like the photos I'm sure you have stashed at home and are saving for later!
Nothing you've shared seems out of line to me. (The hyped up hysteria about child predators is getting old. Unless your son is online and contacting people, you don't really have to worry about online predators...yet.) Your son's name is so common that I dare anyone to find fewer then a couple dozen children in your area, HIS AGE, with that same first name. But if you feel you should, by all means give him a nickname for the blog. On mine, I do not use my family's names just because the focus is crafting, not them. They get mentioned, but they're not the focus, IYKWIM.

With your blogs, do what you feel works for you. I like mine separated, but I realize this does mean that I neglect my other ones to give my crafting blog priority. As my children are getting older, I'm working to make it a habit to update my others, or else get off my duff and make a fully integrated blog. I keep having these fantasies of my own domain name and have yet to do it. Maybe it's time for me to research and make it happen.

So, in conclusion: march to the beat of your own drum, Kitten. Do not worry about what anyone else feels you should do. Do what feels right to you.

marlie said...

Do what YOU want to do! It's not like you're posting your address, your son's school/daycare, and all sorts of other personal details.

And, it's really nice for some of us who know you in real life to see how N is growing up. (By the way, I'm seriously offended at how big he's getting! I remember holding him when he was a newborn!)

I want to see more crafty stuff too; you're one of the people who inspired me to start knitting in the first place!

Helen said...

I guess you can call me a vote for integrating, if only because maintaining one blog seems easier than two:

1) many of your posts on this blog could be seen as having a somewhat crafty bent.

2) It's not like you post on it so much that if you moved ALL of the posts, wholesale, to your craft blog, that it would still not be identifiable as a craft blog.

3) bloggers have lives! I personally find it enjoyable to hear about the real lives of bloggers I follow, regardless of the "topic" of their blog.

As to the life-ruining/child-predator concerns, I agree with Ms. Knitpicky. I now avoid virtually all news, skip scenes in TV shows with abandon, and stop reading articles mid-way through because I know my baby sensitivity is sky high right now. If you're reading things that are making you feel bad about your parenting decisions, stop reading them. Unless you're reading about the dangers of letting your babies eat lead. You really shouldn't let him eat lead, you know!

And I will not believe that you run until I see you do it. :P