Bye, 2010, Someday I'll Miss You

I don't think 2010 will go down as the best year ever for me. I'm not going to rank it too lowly, because my son did learn to give me a giant hug and say "I love Mommy", but it kind of sucked early on. There were too many hospital visits for N, serious and horrible illnesses and death within our families, and too much time for P in a completely different state while I attempted to see what single parenting felt like. I think N experienced over fifteen colds in the last year, but who's counting?

I will say that things perked up greatly come autumn, excepting the issue of colds. The arrival of fall always makes me incredibly happy. There's hayrides, the start of the holidays, and having my child really recognize that seasons change.

More Leaf Throwing!

One of my best friends had a baby girl. One of my other best friends (and N's godparent) announced her pregnancy. I made a few good friends this year and I think I've found one or two other moms that could be good friends.

Christmas was also excellent this year, but it normally is. I got a lot of video games and N got a boatload of toys and P got a peacoat that makes him look hawt. I have such excellent taste.

Let's hope 2011 is a lot calmer with smoother sailing in the health issues. If so, I think it could be a fine year all around (except for my favorite season autumn when you'll possibly see me sob over everything when my son goes to school for the first time ever).

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