Knit Reset!

Dear readers, I hardly deserve to craft blog. You see, I have fallen off the knitting horse after spending months working on the same scarf. Tonight, Jenn went through my "stash" (if you can call an assortment of remnants that) and I did an inventory of my projects. I own and have assigned yarn for:

I have been working on the scarf FOREVER, and it is so slow and boring and so many months until I will want to wear a scarf again. So, Jenn told me to take a break, and knit the slippers. I had done a swatch months ago, so I had to rewind my yarn. See above re: my craft blog deservability... Jenn just gave me this look, and said, "Do you want me to wind that for you?" Yes! Perhaps I can absorb your ways through osmosis alone.

We then spent an hour looking at sweater patterns and yarn colors for said sweaters. And then I noticed that she was knitting, and I was not. And this is why she has many completed projects, and I only have a blog post about projects I haven't even started. :(

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