Ahem, Ahem -- Is This Thing On?

It's been about eight billion years, friends! I had so many blog posts I could have made too, but Paul took two weeks off, and I spent the majority of those two weeks chilling, relaxing, and maxing, or whatnot. I didn't knit a lot, but I did sew some. I don't have ANY pictures of my knitting or sewing too.

My first post now that I'm back is one that it is long overdue. A while back, Helen told me of a person she knew that had a knitting blog and who was a new mother. Since I had earlier this year met Sophy by blog, I was feeling positive about blogging friends, so I checked out the blog, which is called little feet, big sky.

I ended up liking the blog quite a bit, so I wrote to the blog author via Ravelry, where she is known as 'ecofriendlybaby'. She was extremely friendly and willing to message me about being a mother -- and that's my favorite topic nowadays. (Besides how much I love Pushing Daisies and how people suck for not watching it. It's just as well Pushing Daisies is dying. I'm sure people were tired of hearing me bitch and moan about Veronica Mars dying. I have a new show to bitch about now, folks!)

Anyway, where was I? Yes! So, this year, ECB sent me a lovely lovely package. It was a sock bag from The Tipsy Knitter. Well, I've been thinking about getting a sock knitting bag for awhile, so I was thrilled as all get out to receive this. Look how pretty it is too!

Knitting Bag

She did not know it, but I'm a sucker for Neapolitan coloured items too. Pink, brown, and white is one of my favorite color combinations. (I also like pink and green, blue and cream and brown, mint and brown, orange and blue, red and green, and apparently every color with every other color.) Do you see my Pomatomus socks peeking out of the bag? I've gotten next to nothing done on them!

Inside the bag, at the time of the gifting, there was some Knit Picks Bare sock yarn.

Knit Picks Bare

I'm thinking it is time for some Kool-Aid dying, no? Only, I'm having problems picking which shade I want to dye with.

This was a terrific gift! Thank you so much!

(Upcoming posts, knitting/sewing round-up 2008, knitting/sewing resolutions 2009, why Helen is the fastest knitter in the world, answers to comments on my blog posts, podcast reviews, highlighting other blogger's finished projects, and more!)

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ecb said...

Yay! So glad you liked it. :-) Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!